Month ahead - May 28, 2022
Valid from 30/05 to 26/06 2022
Valid from 30/05 to 26/06 2022

Issued: Saturday 28th May 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

High pressure for a time in the start of June, though a more consistent westerly flow with an average pressure pattern is to be expected through much of the month. Mixed to at times perhaps unsettled weather. Most of the rainfall in the north and west. Driest weather further south and east. Average to slightly below average temperatures.

*30/5/22 - 6/6/22*
Lower pressure over the UK brings more mixed conditions.
A slack wind flow across the country.
Sunshine and showers on many days.
Showers lingering and slow moving, some heavy.
Cool week in a north to north-easterly wind flow.
Temperatures below average for the time of year

*6/5/22 - 13/5/22*
Ridge moves more west and over the North Atlantic.
Lower pressure develops over Scandinavia.
Largely dry weather though showers are to be expected at times.
Temperatures recover and become warmer for many.

*13/5/22 - 20/5/22*
Lose prominant high pressure ridge.
A westerly wind flow comes about more.
Allowing lower pressure to move in off of the Atlantic.
A more mixed week though shouldn't be too wet or unsettled.
Some rain and or showers are to be expected on some days.
Temperatures around average for the time of year.

*20/5/22 - 27/5/22*
Average pressure flow across Britain.
Sticking with a westerly flow generally.
Still mixed to broken weather expected.
Temperatures around average for the time of year.


Alexi Venerus
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