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Month ahead - April 23, 2018
Valid from 28/04 to 25/05 2018
Valid from 28/04 to 25/05 2018

Issued: Monday 23rd April 2018
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

An improvement in the second half of the month after a cold and unsettled start

May is a month when the jet stream will be close by at the beginning and end. This will be bringing rain with it and stronger winds. However, that will not be the story of the whole month because the middle of May does look drier and warmer for a time as higher pressure builds.

*28/4/18 - 4/5/18*
An unsettled and cool week with low pressure dominating. Rain is likely for many with most of it in the southern half of the UK. The rain to the north may be more showery, although all areas will be affected.

*5/5/18 - 11/5/18*
Starting unsettled again, especially in southern areas with more rain and cool conditions. A slow improvement is expected as the week progresses, firstly in ireland and Scotland, then slipping south.

*12/5/18 - 18/5/18*
Hints of higher pressure building through this week. This would bring drier, brighter conditions and feeling warm for all too.

*19/4/18 - 25/5/18*
The high edges south giving mostly dry and fair weather in southern parts of the UK. More mixed in the north with some rain here. Temperatures near average.

*26/5/18 to 31/5/18*
A more mixed end to the month with the wettest weather in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Mixed to the south but less wet. Temperatures cool to average for all.


Simon Keeling
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