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Month ahead - July 30, 2017
Valid from 05/08 to 01/09 2017
Valid from 05/08 to 01/09 2017

Issued: Monday 31st July 2017
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Improving after a mixed start but then turning unsettled again later

An improving middle part of the month as pressure builds bringing better weather. It may become warm or very warm for a time before conditions again become more mixed later in the month and for early September.

*5/8/17 - 11/8/17*
A mixed week with a westerly flow through the UK.
This is going to be bringing showers or outbreaks of rain to many. Windy at times. Temperatures near normal.
Perhaps improving in the second half of the week, especially in the south.

*12/8/17 - 18/8/17*
Hints of pressure starting to rise in the south this week. The rise in pressure is likely of be from the south, bringing drier weather here first.
The best sunshine in the east.
Always some outbreaks of rain for northern and western Scotland, with western coasts of England, Wales and Ireland prone to some rain at times too.

*19/8/17 - 25/8/17*
Pressure continues to build to the east. The flow turns to a more southerly with temperatures perhaps becoming warm or very warm.
There could be outbreaks of rain in Ireland and western Scotland at times. It may be breezy here too.

*26/8/17 - 1/9/17*
Conditions are expected to become mixed again. There will be showers and outbreaks of rain, most in the west and north.

*2/9/17 to 8/9/17*
The mixed conditions continue. There will be showers, some heavy in the north and west while the south and east may be drier.


Simon Keeling
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