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Month ahead - May 31, 2018
Valid from 01/06 to 28/06 2018
Valid from 01/06 to 28/06 2018

Issued: Thursday 31st May 2018
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Storms in south to start but warm then unsettled mid-month before better later

June is expected to be starting warm for all. There will be some storms to the south of the UK and Ireland although Scotland tends to stay drier. Low cloud affecting eastern coasts. Tending to become more unsettled from around the second week onwards then cooler with rain at times mid-month. Hints of things slowly improving again later in the month.

*1/6/18 - 7/6/18*
Staying warm overall. Dry in the northern half of the UK and Ireland. Storms may occur on the south, some heavy and torrential. Risk of flooding from heavier storms.

*8/6/18 - 14/6/18*
Dry weather at first and very warm. Turning more unsettled during the week from the west. Rain passing through all areas, although may take some time to arrive in south and east. becoming cooler.

*15/6/18 - 21/6/18*
Hints of an unsettled, cooler week for all. Heavy periods of rain at times, windy too. Most rain tending to be in the west.

*22/6/18 - 30/6/18*
A slow improvement may take place. Starting unsettled with more rain, some heavy. Tending to improve towards the end of the week as mixed weather arrives. Becoming warmer later.


Simon Keeling
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