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Month ahead - December 06, 2016
Valid from 10/12 to 06/01 2017
Valid from 10/12 to 06/01 2017

Issued: Tuesday 6th December 2016
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Cool and mild air battling it out over the UK & Ireland through December

A real weather battleground across the UK through December.
Mild air to the west and cooler air to the east will be trying to establish dominance over the UK and Ireland.
Current thoughts are that the cooler weather wins our, this bringing drier than average conditions to the east, although wetter in the west with the highest risk of rain, sleet and snow here.

*10/12/16 - 17/12/16*
A mixed week for all.
Hints of conditions becoming cooler again through this week as higher pressure builds.
Winds becoming more southeast to easterly again. There will be some dry conditions, but the risk of drizzle and patchy outbreaks of rain is also increasingly likely during the week.

*18/12/16 - 24/12/16* High pressure may stay east of the country in the run-up to Christmas.
Critically important is the positon of the high as this will dictate what the wind direction wil be.
At this stage we expect an east to southeast wind and for conditions to be cool overall. A risk of some rain or sleet in the west.

*25/12/16 - 31/12/16*
Little change with the cooler, east to southeast flow dominating with higher pressure ot the east.
Driest in the east, although bands of precipitation trying to get into the west which could turn to sleet and snow for some.

*1/1/17 - 7/11/17*
2017 begins chilly and perhaps with a brief more unsettled spell, which could include some sleet or snow.
Generally plenty of dry weather again and feeling cool.


Simon Keeling
Email me at [email protected]

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