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Europe forecast - December 02, 2017
Wet and windy south
Chilly central Europe

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 2nd December 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Cool for much of Iberia

Low pressure over the Mediterranean brings heavy rain and strong to gale force winds for western Italy and southern France. Thundery downpours for the islands of the western Med. Snow over the mountains around the French-Italian border. Snow showers over northern Spain, generally cool here with temperatures in single figures. Dry and sunny for south-western Spain and Portugal, highs 12 to 14C. Windy across the Alps, but largely dry. A zone of rain for Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, with snow over the Carpathian mountains. Showery for the southern Balkans and Greece.
High pressure over northern-central Europe brings bright weather to much of France the Low Countries, Germany and Poland, but it will be chilly with some lingering low lying fog patches, 1 to 4C. Widespread overnight frost. A westerly breeze influences Scandinavia, allowing less cold air to filter in from the Atlantic. Rain and snow for Norway, but Sweden and the Baltic region should be largely dry.

High pressure focused to the west of Europe maintains cool conditions across France and much of Spain. Best temperatures toward south-western Iberia of 13 to 15C. Breezy for eastern Spain, and windy for southern France. Low pressure continues to affect the central Mediterranean, bringing areas of heavy rain to Italy and the islands. Heavy rain for the central Balkans, and snow over the mountains. Showery for Greece . A zone of thundery rain is possible for the Black Sea coasts of Romania and Bulgaria, associated with a cold front.
Generally dry but cold for central Europe, temperatures only a few degrees above freezing for Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Alps. Rain moves in across the Low Countries, but likely giving snowfalls as is moves further inland into Germany. Patchy rain for northern France. Breeze around the Baltic, with rain for a time in Sweden. Frequent snow in north & west Norway. Rain for southern Finland, snow further north.

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