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Europe forecast - February 24, 2019
Fine, warm west
Plenty of dry weather

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 24th February 2019
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Fine and warm in most of western Europe, dry for most

Western Europe continues to bask in early spring warmth. Highest temperatures will be toward western and Spain, 25C in places, whilst southwest France will also nudge 20C. Cooler for eastern Spain and the Balerics as an easterly breeze develops. Low pressure south of Italy brings rain and wind to Sicily, and showery conditions persist for Greece and the Aegaen Sea with a brisk chilly breeze here.
High pressure resides over central Europe, with dry weather prevailing for Germany, the Alps and central-eastern countries. Mild around the Low Countries and southern Scandinavia, 11 to 15C, but cool for areas from Poland to Hungary and Romania, nearer 4 to 8C. Breezy and showery for northern Norway, with some rain and snow for northern Finland. Much of Sweden stays dry.

A fair day to come across much of Spain and Portugal; plenty of sunshine throughout. There will be sunshine in the Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia too. Staying fair in Italy with more sunshine throughout. A windy day in Greece, lots of sunshine to the west, a risk of gales in the east. Windy in Turkey with lots of sunshine.
Sunshine after morning fog clears in France. More morning fog affecting parts of the Low Countries, Germany and Poland as well as Hungary, Switzerland and Austria. Becoming sunny in these places once the morning fog clears.
Denmark will be dry and sunny. Breezy and dry with more sunshine in the baltic States. Sunny spells for Finland as well as Sweden. Cloud and rain in western Norway, some of these heavy at times.

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