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Europe forecast - November 03, 2017
Dry for much of Europe
Wet in Portugal

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 3rd November 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Fairly mild across the continent; some fog patches

Low pressure is centred west of Portugal, bringing heavy rain to western coasts. Some bursts of rain spreading into western Spain, but it will be drier further east & north across Iberia, temperatures 17 to 22C. Slack high pressure across central Europe brings quiet weather with variable cloud and some early fog. A weak front affects central Italy, the Balkans and Romania, producing cloudy skies and patchy rain, although amounts should be small. Dry and sunny for Greece .
A mild day for France, around 20C in the south-west, largely dry, but some rain around the Biscay coast. Dry across Germany, the Low Countries and southern Scandinavia, 10 to 13C. Fronts bring persistent rain to northern Norway, and blustery winds across the far north. Dry around the Baltic.

A trough of low pressure across western Europe produces areas of heavy and thundery rain across much of Iberia, although Portugal and southern Spain may escape largely dry. Thundery rain will break out increasingly across central & southern France. Blustery winds and some rain for northern France and the Low Countries.
High pressure influences eastern Europe, bringing mild and settled weather to many countries. Variable cloud and some sunshine, but some low-level fog is possible in the morning, highs 10 to 15C. Areas of showers are possible for Greece. The Baltic region will be dry and mild with southerly winds. Rain affects the far west of Norway, but much of Scandinavia should be dry.

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