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Europe forecast - October 01, 2017
Chilly, dry across E Europe
Wet across W Europe

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 1st October, 2017
Duty forecaster: John Ejdowski

Warmest, dry across Iberia

Dry, sunny and warm across Portugal and Spain with highs in the low 30s in the south. A colder day to come across France with outbreaks of rain expected across the western half of the country. An area of heavy rain to affect the far north of Italy today with some heavy showers through the central spine of the country. Dry in the east and the west where temperatures will be in the low 20s. Heavy showers to affect Corsica and Sardinia. Chilly but fine and dry with sunny spells across the Adriatic Region. A fine day as well across much of the Balkans with a pleasantly warm day across Greece. Chilly and unsettled across Turkey with heavy, showery rain. An area of rain will lie from Denmark into eastern Germany and western Austria. Chilly but a dry day across western Germany, and across the Low Counties with sunny spells. Sunny, chilly and dry across Poland, The Baltic States and Belarus. A wet, windy day to come across Britain. Heavy rain is forecast for Norway with light rain across Finland. Fair and dry across Sweden.

It stays sunny and dry and quite warm across Spain and Portugal. A few heavy showers will be in the vicinity of the Balearics into Sardinia and Italy. Warmer across Italy today. Eastern Europe stays rather cold but settled. Lots of fine, dry with sunny spells to come across The Adriatic Region, The Balkans and across Turkey. Dry into Poland, The Ukraine, The Baltic States into Russia and Finland with sunny spells. Very unsettled and windy with spells of moderate to heavy rain across Germany, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Occasional showers are expected across Britain, Belgium and The Netherlands. A strong easterly wind will prevail through the Straits of Gibraltar.