UK Forecast - June 25, 2022
Heavy showers/rain
High winds

Low pressure centred over Ireland brings an unsettled day with strong winds towards western UK coasts where it will be feeling cool. Rain affects western areas, some sustained heavy falls from Wales to Cumbria and southwest Scotland. A few showery bursts running into central areas. Showery rain, heavy in places across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Mostly dry for east and southeast England, also northern Scotland. Highs 14 to 20C.

Sunday night
Overnight, staying windy for many, blustery in the west with showers as well as longer spells of rain. Largely dry with clear spells further east, central and southeast England as well as much of central/eastern parts of Ireland. Lows at 7 to 12C though cooler still across central and southern regions of Ireland.

Showery bursts of rain will advance north and east across most places during the day. Chance of local thunder. Eastern counties will start dry for a few hours, but sunshine gives way to building cloud. Western areas drier by the afternoon. Further rain moves into Ireland later. Brisk southwesterly winds, strongest near western coasts. Highs 17 to 23C, warmest toward the southeast.

A slow-moving frontal system is likely to affect Ireland and western Britain, bringing a threat of persistent heavy rain here. High pressure toward the southeast keeps much of central, east and southern England dry, becoming very warm in the sunshine, although high cloud builds from the west. Southerly winds will be strongest in the west. Highs 17 to 26C, warmest for East Anglia.

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