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UK Forecast - August 10, 2018
Saturday dry for many
Heavy rain south-west

Starting dry for many areas, and much of central, east and northern Britain remain dry much of the day. Sunshine giving way as cloud builds. Fronts spreading from the south-west bring rain or drizzle to south-west England and south Wales, also southern Ireland. This rain then becomes more extensive into the evening, heaviest for Wales, western England and south-west Scotland. Southerly winds will strengthen. Highs 16 to 19C north/west; 21 to 24C Midlands & south-east.

Saturday night
Heavy rain continues for Wales and south-west England, and also extends into north-west England and southern Scotland. Rain becomes widespread across many central counties through the night. The far south-east of England, and north of Scotland should be largely dry. Patchy rain fading for Ireland. Blustery south-westerly winds, locally gusting gale force around south-western coasts and over hills. Mild air for many, 13 to 17C, locally below 10C northern Scotland.

A complex frontal system trails across Britain. A zone of rain extends from south-west to north-east, persistent for many hours, wettest in the south-west in the morning. Broadly cloudy skies, perhaps a little sun toward the east away from rain. A slow improvement coming through from the west, with brightening skies but clusters of showers following. Also wet for many hours in northern Scotland. Blustery winds. Highs 17 to 23C, cooler in rain, but locally up to 25C south-east.

Low pressure pulls away toward the east, but leaves fairly unsettled conditions across Britain. Areas of showery rain, which in places could merge into rain for a few hours, focused toward the east & north-east. West & south-western areas often dry, with cloud breaking to give sunny spells. A cool west to northwesterly breeze. Temperatures 15C or below in rain, but highs up to 19 to 23C or locally warmer south.

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