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UK Forecast - September 15, 2018
Some sunshine
Rain or drizzle edging south

Low pressure near to Northern Scotland will move away north, with a weakening cold front moving south across England and Wales. Rain over Northern England, North Wales and parts of Southern Ireland will move southeast into South Wales and the Midlands but turn very light and patchy as it does so. Much of England will be dry with some sunshine and just perhaps a little drizzle in the Southwest. Brighter weather will follow across Ireland and Scotland but with some showers, chiefly in the north and west. Brisk west or southwest winds across northern and western areas. Quite cool for the north and west with highs 13 to 15C, 17 or 18C in the Midlands but a warmer 22 to 24C in Southeast England.

Sunday Night
Dry for most on Sunday night with clear spells but with some showers keeping going around the north and west of Scotland and possibly a little drizzle in the southwest of Ireland, Southwest England and South Wales. Lows in the north and west typically a cool 6 to 9C but a couple of degrees lower in some sheltered spots. Towards the southeast of England, however, it will remain very mild.

A ridge of high pressure over Southeast England at first will decline as a deep low (ex-tropical storm Helene) aproaches Southwest Ireland towards the evening and then tracks northeast across Ireland and into Central and Northeast Scotland overnight. Rain or drizzle pushes across Ireland into parts of Wales, Northwest England and Scotland for a time during the day. Apart from, perhaps, a little drizzle in the Southwest, the rest of England will stay dry. Heavy rain moves across Ireland into Scotland overnight, with some rain for Wales and western parts of England too. Further to the south and east it will stay dry, though. Very strong winds develop during the evening and overnight, initially around the south or southeast of Ireland, then extending to Irish Sea coasts, the North of England and Southern Scotland. There is a risk of severe gales, leading to some damage and disruption. Highs 15 to 19C the north and west, a warmer 22 to 25C towards the southeast.

The main low pressure centre transfers to a position to the northwest of Scotland and moves north, with a new low tracking northeast towards Northwest Ireland later. Some rain or drizzle around the north and west of Britain and Ireland, possibly heavy in Northwest Scotland but becoming dry with spells of sunshine developing futher to the east. More widespread rain moves into Ireland and Scotland overnight, though. Still windy in the north and west with gales at times for exposed areas Highs 13 to 16C the north, up to 19 or 20C in the south.

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