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UK Forecast - June 30, 2020
Showers or rain

The first day of July will see the UK under low pressure still, with the north and northwest feeling chilly in a northerly wind. Through the morning, spells of rain are expected to affect much of Scotland, heavy at times across central and southwestern parts, and much of northern England including northern parts of Ireland. Southern England and south Ireland seeing the best of any sunshine but with scattered showers developing. Through the afternoon rain still affecting central and southern Scotland and pushing down into northern England with brighter spells forecast to develop in northern Scotland. Scattered showers continuing across the rest of England and Wales as well as Ireland. Best of any sunshine in southwest England, southern Wales and southern Ireland. Highs around 12 to 16C in the north and 17 to 21C in the south.

Wednesday Night
Rain continuing to affect central and southern Scotland as well as northern England and Northern Ireland overnight. Drier with clear spells elsewhere however isolated showers will affect central parts of England and more widespread showers across Ireland. Temperatures falling to around 8 to 14C.

Low pressure remains over the UK during Thursday with a trough moving through central England. Showery rain across the the Midlands and northern England and moving into East Anglia through the afternoon. Brighter from the west in the afternoon with the potential for some scattered slow moving thunderstorms in the afternoon across central and southern England. Western coasts of Ireland and Wales fairing brighter later on as the ridge builds in. Highs around 14 to 18C generally and 21C in the southeast.

Friday will see an Atlantic low push in from the west, bringing windy conditions as well as spells of rain, some heavy and persistent in the north and west including southwest England, Ireland as well as Wales. Behind the rain, low cloud, mist, fog and drizzle will linger on west coast of the UK as well as western coasts of Ireland. The south does look to stay mainly dry although on that brisk west to southwesterly wind blustery showers are likely to reach central places across England. Best of any sunny spells will be in the southeast of England. Highs around 14 to 18C generally with the southeast fairing warmer at 21C.

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