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Freyung Weather

  Su Dec 08 Mo Dec 09 Tu Dec 10 We Dec 11
3°C 3°C 0°C -7°C
5°C 5°C 1°C 2°C
cloudy  cloudy , showers cloudy , light snow few clouds
various clouds  cloudy , isolated showers overcast , light snow mostly sunny
various clouds  cloudy , showers cloudy  mostly sunny
cloudy , showers overcast , rain various clouds  cloudy , light snow
Last updated: Su, 08 Dec, 09:04 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Freyung - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Freyung Distance
Mauth 9.6 km
Volary 26.8 km
Passau 27.4 km
Churanov 30.1 km
Vichtenstein 32.4 km
Zwiesel 33.4 km
Fürstenzell 35.9 km
Schärding 38.1 km
Prachatice 38.7 km
Rohrbach 42.1 km
Deggendorf 42.9 km
Bodenmais 44.3 km
Sušice 46.4 km
Großer Arber 46.6 km
Metten 47.0 km
Český Krumlov 55.0 km
Strakonice 56.2 km
Bavarian Forest 57.7 km
Vodňany 58.4 km
Pfarrkirchen 61.0 km
Ried im Innkreis 65.1 km
Eferding 65.4 km
Grieskirchen 66.1 km
Temelín 71.4 km
Braunau am Inn 75.3 km
Urfahr 76.2 km
Linz 77.6 km
Linz 79.2 km

Forecast: Freyung Region

After a fine Thursday, Friday has is a mix of sun and clouds. But Friday some rain is to be expected. From 21 degrees on Wednesday the daily high will go down to 16 degrees on Friday.