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UK Forecast- July 20, 2018

Fairly cloudy

Dry for most this weekend

/reports/2018/07/20/foc_0.gif Saturday
A little rain or drizzle in the south at first, but fading to leave most places dry all day. Western areas may hold onto mostly cloudy skies, whilst eastern districts should see sunshine breaking through. A warm front approaches the far north-west, bringing lowering cloud and drizzle to Northern Ireland and western Scotland later. A west to northwesterly breeze, quite blustery for western England & Wales. Highs 18 to 22C north & west, up to 23 to 26C south-east.

/reports/2018/07/20/foc_1.gif Saturday night
A little drizzle or light rain for the west of Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight, but most places will stay dry. Fairly cloudy, with hill fog in the west & north-west. Some clearer spells toward the east and south. A westerly breeze will freshen for northern areas, but the south sees light winds. Temperatures generally mild, lows 12 to 16C, highest in the south-east.

/reports/2018/07/20/foc_2.gif Sunday
Fronts moving close to north-western Britain & Ireland bring cloudy skies and some rain or drizzle, chiefly affecting western Scotland, accompanied by a fresh southwesterly breeze. For much of the country, it will be a dry and warm day with good amounts of sunshine. A light west to northwesterly breeze for England & Wales. Temperatures ranging from 18 to 21C in the north & west, up to 26 to 29C in central-southern England.

/reports/2018/07/20/foc_3.gif Monday
Southern and central parts of Britain will be dry with a good amount of sunshine, although western areas will tend to be cloudier. Fronts draped across Scotland and Northern Ireland result in mostly cloudy skies here, with outbreaks of rain or drizzle at times, focused over western hills. A southwesterly breeze, strongest in the north and west. Just 17 to 20C in the far north-west, but much hotter in the Midlands and south, 28 to 31C.


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