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UK Forecast- May 28, 2022


Showers becoming widespread

/reports/2022/05/28/foc_0.gif Sunday
A cooler start to the day on Sunday and a day of sunny spells many places staying dry, though there will also be showers. The showers mostly affecting parts of Scotland, northern and eastern England. Some running down eastern parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland too. Showers also likely even from morning across the West Midlands into east Wales and parts of southwest England. Feeling cool for all in a northerly wind and cooler still down eastern coastal areas. Highs at 11C in northern Scotland, 15C in southwest England.

/reports/2022/05/28/foc_1.gif Sunday Night
Overnight, showers are likely to continue for areas prone to them during the daytime though could become more widespread across Scotland and down more coastal areas through the early hours into Monday. Lows at a cool 3 or 4C to 7C.

/reports/2022/05/28/foc_2.gif Monday
An area of low pressure settled over Scotland on Monday, affecting all parts of the British Isles. Showers developing through Scotland, northern England, Wales and Ireland, some too in the Midlands and southern England. Drier in East Anglia and southeast England with some sunny spells, although even here could catch a shower. The showers may be heavy and thundery in the north and west. Highs at 12 to 16C.

/reports/2022/05/28/foc_3.gif Tuesday
Low pressure remains on Tuesday. A day of showers, some of them heavy and prolonged, especially over Scotland and northern England as well as parts of Wales. Brighter in East Anglia and southeast England, although there will be showers here too. Highs at 13C in Scotland and 19C in southeast England.


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