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UK Forecast- September 21, 2018

Heavy rain on the way

Strong winds too

/reports/2018/09/21/foc_0.gif Saturday
Low pressure, becoming complex, with an associated warm front, tracks east-northeast towards the south of Ireland and Britain. Rain, some heavy, moving into the southwest of Ireland, Southwest England and South Wales during the morning will edge further north and east through the second half of the day. However, Northern Ireland, much of North Wales, Northern England and perhaps parts of East Anglia are likely to stay dry and brighter. Sunny intervals for Scotland but with showers in the north and west, some of these frequent and prolonged. Strong northwest winds at first for Northern Scotland, light to moderate breezes elsewhere. Rather cool, highs 11 to 14C in the north and west, 15 to 17C in the east and southeast.

/reports/2018/09/21/foc_1.gif Saturday Night
Further spells of rain to come for Ireland, Wales, Central and Southern England with a risk of the rain perhaps pushing further north into Northern Ireland, North Wales and parts of Northern England. Dry for much of Scotland but with showers continuing to affect the north and northwest. Strong winds may develop across southernmost parts of Ireland and England. Overnight lows mainly 4 to 7C in the north but locally close to freezing in Central Scotland, rising to 10 to 15C in the south.

/reports/2018/09/21/foc_2.gif Sunday
Low pressure and associated occluding frontal troughs track east across Southern England, with high pressure moving east and becoming centred to the west of Ireland later. A spell of wet weather for England and Wales, also for Ireland at first, some of the rain possibly reaching Southern Scotland. The rain will be heavy, especially across Wales, the Midlands and parts of Northern England, bringing a risk of localized flooding. A clearance moves in from the west gradually with skies brightening but it may be late on before the rain eases away from Eastern England. Bright or sunny intervals for Scotland, although some showers are likely in the north and west. Strong winds develop over England and Wales with a risk of gales in exposed locations and possibly damaging or disruptive winds around Eastern England later in the day. On the cool side for many parts, highs 10 to 13C in the north and west, 14 to 17C in the southeast and with values possibly depressed into single figures by the heavier rain. The winds die down generally overnight with many parts dry, just a few showers for the northwest.

/reports/2018/09/21/foc_3.gif Monday
High pressure to the west of Ireland transfers east to cover much of the British Isles. Some showers at first in the north and west but these become confined to the far north of Scotland, with sunny spells developing quite widely. Remaining cool, highs 12 to 15C.


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