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UK Forecast- April 16, 2021

More cloud about

Rain in west

/reports/2021/04/16/foc_0.gif Saturday
Staying largely dry overall with a good deal of sunshine about, particularly across south and southeast England. Cloud building across northern and western areas though through the afternoon. An area of low pressure over the Atlantic brings rain to the west of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which will extend into the far west of Scotland later. A strengthening south-westerly wind in the west. A frosty start, but becoming pleasantly warm by afternoon in sunshine. Chilly on eastern coasts. Highs 12 to 15C inland.

/reports/2021/04/16/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Cloudy and wet with rain across Ireland and Northern Ireland through the night clearing northwestern regions here later on. Rain will also push across Scotland becoming patchy as it does so further east. Strengthened southerly winds too across particularly more coastal areas of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Elsewhere, cloud is expected to build but it should remain mostly dry with a light breeze. Lows milder than of late due to more cloud. Lows between 0C and 4C.

/reports/2021/04/16/foc_2.gif Sunday
Staying cloudy with mainly patchy outbreaks of rain across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland on Sunday, turning possibly more persistent and heavy across some places. Some light rain could push into northern and western areas of England and Wales also but generally it should be largely dry elsewhere. Cloud will thicken towards more northern and western areas but far eastern and southeastern regions of England will see lasting sunny spells. A fresh southerly wind in the north and west still but lighter breezes for central and southern England. Highs 10 to 14C, cooler in the west in rain.

/reports/2021/04/16/foc_3.gif Monday
The next area of low pressure moves in from the west and will bring cloudier skies and outbreaks of rain once again to Ireland, Northern Ireland and west Scotland. Largely cloudy skies with possible patchy light rain and drizzle for parts of Wales and western regions of England, but sunnier spells are expected further east where it will be feeling pleasantly warm in light winds. Highs ranging from 9C in west, to 15C further east.


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