UK Forecast- July 18, 2024

Showers Friday, very warm in south.

Heavy rain in weekend.

/reports/2024/07/18/foc_0.gif Friday
Some patch rain for Wales and western England, but sunnier further east. Scotland and Ireland still rather cloudy with outbreaks of rain mostly in west. Maximum temperatures at 21C in north, but 30-31C in southeast.

/reports/2024/07/18/foc_1.gif Friday Night
Rain becoming more persistent over Ireland through the evening as well as across west and southwest Scotland. Elsewhere a drier evening perhaps with some patchy rain over Wales and Southwest England by the end of the night. Minimum temperatures at 16-17C across most parts.

/reports/2024/07/18/foc_2.gif Saturday
Even though the day will start dry for much of England, a quick moving area of low pressure will move over Ireland through the morning gradually spreading east. Expect cloudy skies and heavy rain in places, with some thundery showers over the east later in the afternoon. Tops of 18C in north, but 25-26C in south.

/reports/2024/07/18/foc_3.gif Sunday
A rather cloudy start for most areas with some heavy rain in places, especially over central and eastern parts. A ridge of high pressure is expected over Ireland with good weather conditions, these spreading east later in the afternoon and evening. Over western Ireland expect soon more cloud, strengthening winds and outbreaks of rain. Maximums of 16C in north, and 22C in south.


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