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UK Forecast- August 23, 2019

Becoming warm

Mostly fair

/reports/2019/08/23/foc_0.gif Saturday
A very warm south to southeast flow on Saturday bringing a fair day for most. There will be good spells of sunshine, particularly to the south and east, and it should be dry for many. Cooling sea breezes developing around the coasts. A front to the west may bring some rain into the far west of Ireland and perhaps northwest Scotland. The threat of some fog affecting coasts of southern Ireland. Highs at 22 to 28C for most, but just 18C in the Hebrides.

/reports/2019/08/23/foc_1.gif Saturday Night
Any showers over Ireland and western parts of Scotland should ease overnight from Saturday into Sunday. A few mist or fog patches may develop over southern and western areas. There will be a fair bit of cloud around and it will feel rather muggy. Overnight lows widely at 13 to 17C. Cooler to the northwest, milder to the southeast.

/reports/2019/08/23/foc_2.gif Sunday
A slack airflow on Sunday with pressure lowering. It is likely to be another very warm day with broken cloud and good spells of sunshine. Some mist and fog patches around southern and eastern coasts. The risk of an afternoon shower in northwest England, western Scotland, western Wales and eastern Ireland as cloud builds and slightly fresher air arrives here. Highs widely at 19 to 26C, but 30C in eastern England.

/reports/2019/08/23/foc_3.gif Monday
A weak front drapes over western parts of the UK and Ireland on Monday which could trigger a few showers in the west and perhaps longer outbreaks of light rain for western Scotland. Most other areas should be dry with sunny spells though there is a chance of a thundery shower developing over northern parts of England later. A fresher day with high temperatures at 17 to 28C.


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