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South America


Gral A. Jara Gral A. Jara Concepción Concepción Asunción Asunción Villarrica Villarrica Pozo Colorado Pozo Colorado Bahia Negra Bahia Negra Prats-Gil Prats-Gil Ciudad del Este Ciudad del Este Pilar Pilar Sáenz Peña Sáenz Peña Las Lomitas Las Lomitas Puerto Casado Puerto Casado Corumbá Corumbá Campo Grande Campo Grande Salto del Guairá Salto del Guairá Ponta Porã Ponta Porã Mariscal Mariscal road conditions Paraguay South America Forecast maps
Last updated: Mo, 29 Nov, 14:56 GMT
Note: Temperature forecast is minimum temperature at ground/road surface - NOT air temperature. See also Driving in winter.

Key to WeatherOnline's road forecast symbols showing the effects of the weather forecast on road conditions.
symbol: dry roads dry roads symbol: damp roads damp roads
symbol: wet roads wet roads symbol: aquaplaning aquaplaning
symbol: hard-packed snow hard-packed snow symbol: freezing rain/moisture freezing rain/moisture
symbol: hoar frost hoar frost symbol: black ice black ice
symbol: fog fog    



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