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day of arrival: Duration:

Time Period : 01.01 - 08.01
 Average Maximum Temperature (Day)   -0 °C /  4 °C
 Average Minimum Temperature (Night)   -1 °C /  4 °C
 Highest Temperature observed   9  °C
 Lowest Temperature observed   -5  °C
 Average Hours of Sunshine   **** hours
 Average Days with Precipitation   **** days
 Average Windforce  29 km/h
 Highest Peak Gust observed  **** km/h
 Available Data:  9 years

WeatherOnline's Travel Planner helps you calculating the average weather at a location of your choice, based on recent years data. However, please keep in mind that weather statistics can only provide you with some useful clues for your travel plans. They do not represent the actual weather or forecast.
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