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United Kingdom

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Region: Lancaster

  We Jan 16 Th Jan 17 Fr Jan 18 Sa Jan 19
Turf condition wet damp wet wet
a.m. golf index 2 golf index 1 golf index 1 golf index 2
p.m. golf index 2 golf index 2 golf index 1 golf index 2
9°C -2°C 0°C 2°C
10°C 3°C 3°C 3°C
various clouds , light rain few clouds  overcast  partly fog
cloudy , rain sunny  overcast , snow cloudy
various clouds , isolated showers mostly sunny  overcast , sleet various clouds
various clouds  overcast  overcast , light rain various clouds
Last updated: We, 16 Jan, 15:26 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Lancaster - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Lancaster Distance
Fleetwood 19.9 km
Windermere 32.0 km
Preston 34.3 km
Blackpool 35.9 km
Ingleton 25.7 km
Barrow-in-Furness 25.6 km
Stonyhurst 35.4 km
Blackburn 42.1 km
Formby 59.3 km
Settle 37.0 km
Wigan 61.1 km
Sefton 63.7 km
Southport 64.9 km
Lake Dist 46.2 km
Bolton 62.0 km
Burnley 50.4 km
Bury 64.8 km
Trafford 74.9 km
Salford 74.3 km
Skipton 53.5 km
Rochdale 69.4 km
Rochdale 68.7 km
Manchester 75.0 km
Oldham 75.8 km

Forecast: Lancaster Region

While on Thursday it's mostly fine, overcast is on the menu for Friday. But snow will fall on Friday. The daily high temperature near 3 degrees.