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United Kingdom

Region: Dover

  Mo Nov 29 Tu Nov 30 We Dec 01 Th Dec 02
Turf condition dry dry wet dry
a.m. golf index 0 golf index 3 golf index 2 golf index 1
p.m. golf index 1 golf index 3 golf index 2 golf index 1
0°C 2°C 8°C 0°C
6°C 11°C 10°C 4°C
various clouds  overcast  overcast , rain various clouds
mostly sunny  overcast , light rain various clouds  various clouds
various clouds  overcast  various clouds , light rain various clouds
various clouds  overcast , light rain cloudy , light rain various clouds
Last updated: Mo, 29 Nov, 09:04 GMT
Forecast Folkestone Forecast Manston SE Forecast Canterbury Forecast Ramsgate Forecast Thanet Forecast Whitstable Forecast Lydd Forecast Faversham Forecast Ashford Forecast Calais Forecast Wokingham Forecast Rye Forecast Sittingbourne Forecast Boulogne-sur-Mer Forecast Sheerness Forecast Maidstone Forecast Hastings Forecast Gillingham
Nearby Forecast Locations - Dover - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Dover Distance
Folkestone 9.9 km
Manston SE 22.4 km
Canterbury 22.5 km
Ramsgate 25.5 km
Thanet 26.6 km
Whitstable 30.4 km
Lydd 32.8 km
Faversham 35.5 km
Ashford 36.8 km
Calais 42.5 km
Wokingham 44.0 km
Rye 45.6 km
Sittingbourne 46.4 km
Boulogne-sur-Mer 49.3 km
Sheerness 52.0 km
Maidstone 56.6 km
Hastings 57.3 km
Gillingham 62.1 km

Forecast: Dover Region

On Tuesday overcast, then however sunny periods. On Tuesday and Wednesday precipitation is expected. From 11 degrees on Tuesday the daily high will go down to 4 degrees on Thursday. A fresh wind from the west.