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United Kingdom

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Region: Newport

  Fr Apr 26 Sa Apr 27 Su Apr 28 Mo Apr 29
Turf condition wet dry dry dry
a.m. golf index 2 golf index 1 golf index 2 golf index 3
p.m. golf index 3 golf index 2 golf index 3 golf index 4
8°C 6°C 6°C 8°C
12°C 12°C 12°C 15°C
various clouds  various clouds , showers various clouds  overcast , rain
cloudy , showers various clouds  cloudy  cloudy
various clouds  various clouds  overcast , light rain various clouds
various clouds , light rain various clouds  overcast , light rain various clouds
Last updated: Fr, 26 Apr, 07:54 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Newport - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Newport Distance
Cardiff 16.7 km
Caerphilly 15.1 km
Abergavenny 26.0 km
Weston-super-Mare 26.0 km
Barry 27.5 km
Chepstow 23.7 km
Bristol Airport 29.7 km
Merthyr Tydfil 30.3 km
Bristol 30.6 km
Coleford 35.5 km
Bridgwater 50.1 km
South Wales 36.3 km
Kingswood 37.7 km
Brecon 47.1 km
Ross-on-Wye 45.5 km
Glastonbury 54.3 km
Taunton 63.3 km
Bridgend 40.3 km
Yate 40.8 km
Taunton 65.3 km
Minehead 53.6 km
Bath 50.3 km
Porthcawl 50.2 km
Exmoor NP 69.6 km
Stroud 56.6 km
Gloucester 60.6 km

Forecast: Newport Region

In the next few days, some sunny spells. But Sunday some rain is to be expected. The daily high temperature near 13 degrees. On Saturday a strong wind from the west.