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Number of days available for climatic review

Duration of sunshine000000

Duration of sunshine000000

Climate data is usually derived from meteorological data of a certain number of years. The actual number of recorded years may vary from only a couple to 50 years or more. The quality of climate data depends on the number of available recorded years. Fewer years means less reliable data. The standart-period for reliable climate data is 30 years. For example, the mean monthly temperature for, let's say January, would ideally calculated from a total number of 930 recorded January-days. However, the usual number of recorded days is much smaller. The table above shows the actual number of recorded days for every parameter measured.
Nearby Weather Stations - Buzaubaj Distance
Buzaubaj 0.0 km
Birata 69.3 km
Türkmenabat 184.5 km
Uchadzhy 191.2 km
Kazaly 211.5 km
Urgench 211.7 km
Urgench 211.7 km
Baýramaly 216.8 km
Ak-Bajtal 219.2 km
Mary Airport 223.7 km
Tamdy 239.3 km
Bukhara 259.7 km
Dzhusaly 260.0 km
Byrdalyk 267.3 km
Dashkhovuz / Taschaus 276.5 km
Chimbaj 301.9 km
Tedshen 317.6 km
Nukus Airport 319.0 km
Nukus 319.5 km
Atamyrat 359.8 km
Nurata 362.8 km
Kyzylorda 369.9 km
Qarshi 396.5 km
Qo'ng'irot 400.0 km
Carsanga 444.9 km
Erbent 450.5 km
Ciili 490.5 km
Ashgabat 499.6 km
Samarkand 509.7 km