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Guernsey Airport (101m)

Important note on the term precipitation days in the diagram

There is no general definition of the term 'precipitation days' yet.The amount of precipitation is usually expressed in units of liquid water depth (e.g., centimeters or inches) of the water that has fallen on a horizontal surface at a given point and over a specific time interval (e.g., last 6 hours).However, sometimes this amount of water is so small that weather stations correctly report precipitation, but simply cannot gauge it.For example, a typical source for such 'non-measurable' precipitation is very light drizzle, dew or rime and even sea spray.Fog is the most common reason for precipitation fewer than 0.1 mm.The diagram of Guernsey Airport shows every day of precipitation including days with non-measurable precipitation. Therefore the actual number of rain days appears to be slightly too big.
Nearby Weather Stations - Guernsey Distance
Guernsey Airport 0.0 km
Jersey Airport 50.6 km
Alderney Channel Is 54.6 km
Cap de la Hague 80.6 km
Saint-Brieuc Armor 103.9 km
Dinard/Pleurtuit 111.6 km
Ploumanac'h 117.3 km
Isle of Portland 121.6 km
Lannion Airport 122.8 km
Cherbourg - Maupertus Airport 128.1 km
Morlaix/Ploujean 164.1 km
Exeter Airport 170.5 km
Bournemouth 172.7 km
Dunkeswell Airport 173.9 km
Yeovil 174.3 km
Rennes- Saint-Jacques Airport 179.8 km
St. Catherine's Point 193.2 km
Plymouth MtBatten 197.9 km
Landivisiau 199.8 km
Lorient South Brittany Airport 203.2 km
North Wyke 207.1 km
Brignogan-Plages 210.2 km
Southampton Airport 210.9 km
Liscombe 214.5 km
MoD Boscombe Down 214.8 km
Larkhill 215.8 km
Bristol Airport 217.2 km
Groix 222.1 km
Middle Wallop 222.9 km
Guipavas 229.9 km
Cardiff Airport 233.4 km
St Athan 238.1 km
Quimper 238.2 km
MoD Lyneham 239.9 km
Saint-Nazaire 240.9 km
Caen 240.9 km
Thorney Island 241.9 km
Lanvéoc/Poulmic 242.0 km
Le Talut 247.5 km
RM Chivenor 251.8 km
Cardinham 258.9 km
Laval Airport 259.0 km
Fairford Airport 265.9 km
Penmarch 267.6 km
RAF Odiham 272.6 km
Nantes Atlantique Airport 276.9 km
Gloucestershire Airport 277.8 km
RAF Brize Norton 282.6 km
Mumbles 282.7 km
Pointe du Raz 283.9 km
RAF Little Rissington 288.3 km
Cornwall Airport Newquay 289.2 km
Farnborough 289.9 km
Ushant 292.4 km
Benson 295.2 km
Credenhill 295.5 km
Sainte-Adresse 296.9 km
Le Havre/Octeville 298.9 km
Shoreham Airport 301.3 km
London Oxford Airport 303.0 km
RNAS Culdrose 304.5 km
Saint-Sauveur 305.4 km
Deauville-Saint-Gatien 308.1 km
Deauville-Saint-Gatien AP 308.1 km
Pershore 308.7 km
Angers 310.1 km
Sennybridge 313.8 km
Camborne 314.7 km
Shobdon 314.9 km
Alencon/Valframbert 320.5 km
High Wycombe 320.7 km
Pembrey Burrows 321.0 km
Charlwood 325.3 km
Angers 329.1 km
Gatwick Airport 329.9 km
Heathrow Airport 330.3 km
La Roche-sur-Yon 332.9 km
Northolt 336.4 km
Kenley 348.3 km
Birmingham Airport 349.2 km
Le Mans/Arnage 353.6 km
Coleshill 354.3 km
Church Lawford 354.8 km
Trawscoed 356.6 km
Cosford 357.6 km
Cosford 358.1 km
Cosford 358.1 km
St James's Park 358.7 km
Biggin Hill 361.2 km
Herstmonceux 362.9 km
Rothamsted Park 363.3 km
Woburn 363.6 km
Cranfield Airport 367.4 km
Luton Airport 368.1 km
Milford Haven 371.2 km
Aberporth 371.4 km
London City Airport 374.1 km
Shawbury 374.5 km
Lake Vyrnwy 381.1 km
Bedford 389.2 km