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Here you can find weather information that outdoor crop growers, contractors and farmers need in every day practise. It is different from your standard weather forecast as it shows weather information at crop level.

Besides weather information at crop level, you can find detailed information on all major crop diseases and spraying conditions but moreover information on the effect of crop protection agents. It gives you an insight into the role of temperature, humidity, precipitation and leaf wetness on pests and diseases and the effect of these weather parameters on the uptake, adhesion and transport of crop protection agents.

This unique product is bad news for weeds, insects and fungi but good news for farmers.

This agrar weather is available for the following countries:

South America

Buy your own agricultural weather station and view your weather data online
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Buy a weather station The AgroMET professional weather system has been designed with the grower in mind! Our durable and dependable weather station collects on-site environmental information critical to making informed decisions for best practice plan ting, spraying and watering schedules. Weather data is sent to our cloud-based web hosting service via a small and easy to install network interface, the IP-100. No computer link is necessary for uploading data from your weather station through the IP-100 to the web.

The AgroMET comes factory assembled and ready to install. The 1.5km (1 mile) line-of-sight transmission to the IP-100 network interface allows for optimum weather station placement. The IP-100 unit simply connects to a router or switch to communicate directly with the our server.

The AgroMET (MKlll-SP1-LR) Weather Station is recording temperature, leaf wetness, relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed and direction. This essential data is sent via radio from your AgroMET (MKlll-SP1-LR) Weather Station to the IP-100 where it is decoded and sent on to WeatherOnline; no computer is required - you just need a connection to the Internet.




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