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Press Release

The best weather for sailors
offers accurate sailing forecasts around the globe

London, UK

The weather has to be favourable for sailing - from leaving the marina to docking the boat. WeatherOnline ( offers weather information packages for any sailing trip. From the basics like wind, rain and temperature to more elaborate data such as wind gusts, sunshine hours, relative humidity, wave heights and water temperature. The WeatherOnline charts display offshore weather as well as open sea information.

Provision of these services for handheld devices round up the services. Apart from the free weather features for the PC the user can download a sailing application for a one time fee of $ 3.99 to the iPhone. All maps are customized for the smaller display making it easier to read. If the user misses his favorite location in the data base, an email request adds it within 5 days. For even more specific needs, the sailor can reveive custom tailored weather information via email for his individual sailing trip and position via email whether is a vacation around the Mediterranean or a short trip in the afternoon or for his transatlantic crossing with the Personal Sailing Forecast feature.

Yacht-and Sailing Clubs as well as individual users can also subscribe to a free Sail mail and/or download the Sailing Home Page weather to their own website.



Barbara Plessen, Commercial Director

WeatherOnline - Meteorological Services

483 Green Lanes London N13 4BS United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 8458 694748

Director: Dr. Ulrich Römer