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Golf weather App

WeatherOnline applications for iPhone and iPod touch are available on the iPhone App Store.
WeatherOnline's Golf weather forecast includes radar images.
radar london golf app
golf weather forecast
golf weather 12 hrs forecast
  • Radar
    • Loop
    • View pictures step by step
    • Level: Continent; Country; Region (Radar only available for United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, USA and Australia).
golf weather forecast 5-8
golf weather forecast 9-12
  • Golf Clubs
    • 1-12 days:
      Turf conditions; Golf index -a.m.; -p.m.; Tmax; Tmin; Weather -a.m.; -p.m.; -evening; Rain risk; Precipitation; Wind direction and mean wind-force -a.m.; -p.m.; -evening; UV index; Sunshine hours; Sunrise; Sunset; Moonrise; Moonset;
    • 12 hrs Forecast in 3 hrs intervals:
      Turf conditions; Golf index; Temperature; Wind speed; Wind direction; Wind character; Relative humidity; UV index; Weather; Rain risk; Precipitation; Duration of sunshine;
    • Choose units (C/F, km/miles)
    • Up to 10 locations at a time

golf weather radar uk
golf weather radar europe
  • Update periods
    • Golf Clubs: 1-12 Day Forecast every 6 hrs, 12 hrs Forecast every 3 hrs, Radar: 5min (UK), 15 min (Europe), 1hrs (USA, Australia).
  • Timezone
    • Location Forecast: local time at the forecast location. All other times according to the preset time for the device.
  • Please note
    • Go to to verify availability of the requested location, map, radar image.
    • In case specific radar images are missing please click reload.
  • Version 1.0 Known issues
    • In order to optimize data processing only the most recent data gets uploaded and only for one menu item at a time. Data older than 48 hours are automatically deleted at every restart. Therefore longer download periods may occur during a complete update or for multiple location updates.
    • Send your questions and feedback to [email protected]
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