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We 02.12 00 UTC

Isotachs (kph) ECMWF Seasonal


Times Series from the ECMWF

Update monthly
Greenwich Mean Time:
12:00 UTC = 13:00 BST
1.0° x 1.0°
Isotachs 10m
This map shows isotachs - lines on a given surface connecting points with equal wind speed - together with isobars - the line of equal atmospheric pressure at 10m above the ground. The unit used is kph (kilometers per hour). (wind-converter)
Introduction to seasonal forecasting:
The production of seasonal forecasts, also known as seasonal climate forecasts, has undergone a huge transformation in the last few decades: from a purely academic and research exercise in the early '90s to the current situation where several meteorological forecast services, throughout the world, conduct routine operational seasonal forecasting activities. Such activities are devoted to providing estimates of statistics of weather on monthly and seasonal time scales, which places them somewhere between conventional weather forecasts and climate predictions.
In that sense, even though seasonal forecasts share some methods and tools with weather forecasting, they are part of a different paradigm which requires treating them in a different way. Instead of trying to answer to the question "how is the weather going to look like on a particular location in an specific day?", seasonal forecasts will tell us how likely it is that the coming season will be wetter, drier, warmer or colder than 'usual' for that time of year. This kind of long term predictions are feasible due to the behaviour of some of the Earth system components which evolve more slowly than the atmosphere (e.g. the ocean, the cryosphere) and in a predictable fashion, so their influence on the atmosphere can add a noticeable signal.
Isotachs (kph) ECMWF We 02.12.2020 00 UTC
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