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Month ahead - January 12, 2020
Valid from 18/01 to 14/02 2020
Valid from 18/01 to 14/02 2020

Issued: Sunday 12th January 2020
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

High pressure builds bringing drier weather

High pressure is expected to become the dominant feature of the weather through late January and into February. This is expected to be bringing drier weather for many. Overall temperatures are likely to be mild with overnight frosts.

*18/1/20 - 25/1/20*
Higher pressure building. Dry with a risk of fog. Cold in fog, but mild overall.

*26/1/20 - 1/2/20*
Pressure staying relatively high. Conditions remain dry. Temperature near average, overnight frosts. Fog at times.

*2/2/20 - 8/2/20*
Pressure stays high to the east. Staying dry for many. Patchy rain northwest Scotland. Near average temperatures.

*9/2/20 - 15/2/20*
Ridge of high pressure persists. Dry again, sunny spells. Temperatures close to average.

*16/2/20 to 22/2/20*
Litle changes again with pressure higher than usual. Perhaps patchy rain northwest Scotland. Otherwise dry, overnight frosts, cooler days.


Simon Keeling
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