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UK Forecast - September 28, 2020
Largely dry & fine Tuesday
Unsettled from Wednesday

A transient ridge of high pressure builds across the British Isles during Tuesday allowing for a largely dry and fine day after early rain clears from the southeast. Although cloud will be thicker across western Ireland, Northern Ireland and western Scotland as patchy outbreaks of rain move into these areas through the day. Southerly winds will also strengthen along coasts. Feeling mild in the southeast with highs here at 18 or 19C but cooler further north with highs of 12 or 13C in Scotland and northern England.

Tuesday Night
Rain spreads across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland over night as well as edging into western parts of England and Wales accompanied by strengthening winds. Staying dry across central and eastern parts of England but it will become increasingly cloudy here as the night progresses. Rain clears from western Ireland through the wee hours though scattered showers follow here. Overnight lows typically range from 6 to 11C, cooler in more rural spots.

A wet start for many on Wednesday but dry for eastern parts of England before rain moves in here later. Rain could be heavy for western areas and in particular across northwest Wales and southwest Scotland in this current track of the low pressure. Rain eases over Ireland and Northern Ireland later to leave a bright end to the day in the west. A few showers still possible here. Windy too in the west throughout with coastal gales possible. Highs range from 11 to 17C.

Rain should clear easternmost parts of the UK through Thursday morning allowing for a largely dry and fine day across eastern and central areas of the UK, although more cloud and rain will push in to southwestern areas and Ireland through the afternoon. Winds will ease for a time but strengthen again in the south in particular as more rain spreads in from the west. High temperatures range from 10 to 15C.