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UK Forecast - February 18, 2020
Dry start to Wednesday
Heavy rain returns

A ridge of high pressure builds temporarily over the UK. The day starts dry with some good spells of sunshine and perhaps a touch of frost. Cloud builds over Ireland and rain spreads from the west later reaching western parts of the UK through the afternoon. Dry most of daylight across eastern counties, although cloud will fill in. Temperatures rising to 6 to 9C, mildest into the evening.

Wednesday night
Heavy rain affects many west and northern areas during the evening and night, with prolonged heavy rain over western hills giving concerns for renewed flooding. Rain spills eastward across northern England, with patchy rain or drizzle also in the southwest. The southeast sees very little in total. Southwesterly winds and mild air, with overnight temperatures similar to the previous day, between 6 and 10C.

A trough of low pressure moves across the country. Widespread rain at first, with a spell of torrential rain, hail, thunder and squally winds likely to pass eastward in the morning and middle of the day. Sunshine then breaking through. Wintry showers following into western Scotland & Ireland. Brisk winds from the south then west, gusting gale force for a time. Highs 7 to 10C, dropping cooler.

Further Atlantic fronts sweep into the west & northwest of the British Isles, with rain setting in again, heaviest across Scotland and Ireland, extending to northwest England and Wales through the day. Largely dry toward the southeast of England, with some sunshine and high cloud. A strong southwesterly wind, gales around north & western coasts. Highs 7 to 11C.