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UK Forecast - February 24, 2020
Rain north & west
Dry in southeast

Tuesday morning will start off cold for all parts of the UK and Ireland. The brisk westerly wind will be bringing wintry showers to many western coast and hills. Eastern areas tending to be dry with the best of the sunshine, although even here then maybe isolated wintry showers. The afternoon stays cold with the threat of some heavy snow showers across parts of Wales. Elsewhere a mix of sunshine and wintry showers, most of them in the west west some could be heavy and thundery. Short lived accumulations of snow are possible across western England, the Midlands and Wales. Highs at 3 to 8C.

Tuesday Night
A chilly night to come with a strong north-west wind affecting all areas. Wintry showers this evening tending to clear away from East Anglia and the south-east, to leave much of central and eastern England as well as central and eastern Scotland dry with clear spells but a frost by morning. Western areas continue to see showers feeding onto coasts and hills, these falling as snow for many. The most persistent snow showers affecting western Scotland and western Wales. Lows near -3C in mid-Scotland, to around 0 to 2C for most other areas.

Another cold day on Wednesday with wintry showers most frequent in the west. The best of any sunshine will be in central and eastern areas, although even here there will be some wintry showers. Thicker cloud may affect Ireland and the west of the UK during the afternoon. Highs around 3 to 7C.

A ridge of high-pressure building on Thursday should allow for a mostly dry day across much of the UK and Ireland. Snow showers will affect northern and western Scotland, with a few over western coasts of Ireland too. Thicker cloud and some outbreaks of rain and sleet may affect the far southern coasts of England although there is much uncertainty in this. Highs near 3 to 6C.