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UK Forecast - June 17, 2019
Thundery rain in south
Showery Scotland

Plenty of cloud across England and Wales this morning. There will be rain in southern England and southwest England, some of this turning thundery. The rain spreads northeast through the rest of Wales, central and southern England bringing murky conditions and some thundery bursts of rain. There will be more rain and a strong breeze in western Scotland and the northwest of the island of Ireland. This rain turns more showery as it heads east during the day. A few showers developing in the far southeast of Ireland as well. Highs at 22C in the southeast, 15 to 17C for most.

Tuesday Night
Periods of showery and thundery rain in England and Wales tonight, this turning heavy at times. Some drier areas as well, although rather misty and murky for many. It is likely that a further heavy area of thundery rain may affect southeast England later. Showers in western Scotland and western Ireland. Drier in central and eastern Scotland as well as central Ireland. Lows at a muggy 15C in the southeast, 8 to 12C for most.

A thundery area of low pressur east of East Anglia on Wednesday. Thundery rain in eastern and central parts of England in the morning, most of this slowly clearing into the North Sea as the low pulls away. Turning brighter in western England and Wales, the rain more showery as the day progresses. A further band of rain moves into western Scotland and western Ireland in the afternoon, this passing east. Highs at 15 to 18C.

Low pressure is expected to be to the north of Scotland on Thursday. This brings a day of sunshine and showers to most of the UK and Ireland. The heaviest and most frequent showers in northern and western Scotland as well as much of Ireland. Breezy in the north too. The showers to the south and east should be more scattered, although stil a few heavy ones may affect western coasts and hills. Highs at 13 to 16C in northern and western areas, 20C in southeast England.