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UK Forecast - October 16, 2019
Rain & showers west
Brighter east

A fine start to Thursday morning in eastern areas, although feeling chilly. Windier with broken cloud and showers in western parts of the UK and Ireland. Mor persistent rain in western Ireland. Showers will slip through central and southern England, reaching East Anglia and the southeast. Cloudy and breezier in western areas as well as through Ireland, bringing some showers and outbreaks of rain. Drier in northeast England, northern and eastern Scotland. Highs at 11 to 15C.

Thursday Night
Coud and areas of showers and rain passing through the UK and Ireland overnight. There is likely to be some more persistent rain in central and southern parts of England and Wales, this could be heavy at times with a risk of localise flooding. A few showers in western Scotland, western Wales and western England. More rain in western Ireland. Lows at 4C under clearer skies, 10C in southeast England.

Low pressure over Ireland on Friday. This affects the whole of the UK too. It brings cloud and rain, some of it heavy to Ireland and Wales. Showers for the rest of England, the best of any brightness in the south. Showers in northwest Scotland but fewer showers in eastern areas. Highs at 11 to 15C.

Low pressure over the UK on Saturday. Further bands of rain and showers rotating around the low pressure area. Some areas of rain and showers will be heavy. Other areas may be drier. Some bright spells in the drier areas. Temperatures at 14C in southeast England, 9 to 13C elsewhere.