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UK Forecast - December 14, 2018
Snow for northern parts today
Wet everywhere else

Saturday will start cold, cloudy and windy across the UK and Ireland. Fronts will be edging eastwards bringing rain across Ireland and into the west of the UK. Eastern areas will start the day dry. As the rain advances eastwards it will turn to snow and freezing rain as it bumps into the colder continental air that currently covers much of the country. Snow is expected for much of Scotland and into northern England, elsewhere it will be wet. Freezing rain is also anticipated in places across the northern half of the country. Winds will strengthen through the day reaching gale force or stronger for most areas. Highs at 2 to 5C for Scotland, north Wales and northern and eastern England; 7 to 13C for Ireland, south Wales, and southwestern England.

Saturday Night
Rain, freezing rain and snow will continue overnight but will become increasingly confined to northern areas and hilltops. Some drizzle may fall on western coasts exposed to the prevailing wind. Winds will ease for many too but will remain at gale force strength or stronger for eastern coasts and the northwest of Scotland. Low temperatures will fall to 0 to 6C.

A showery southwest flow develops through Sunday with low pressure northwest of Scotland. The main band of rain and snow moves to off to the northeast of Scotland through the day. It leaves in its wake a mix of sunshine and showers with milder temperatures for most areas. The showers will tend to affect western and southern coasts and hills, perhaps turning to more persistent rain over southern areas of England later. Winds will be much lighter than Saturday. Highs at 4 to 9C.

A deep area of low pressure lies over the Atlantic to the west of Scotland on Monday while a high pressure ridge extends across much of Europe leading to a tight pressure gradient across the British Isles. Monday will start bright and dry for most though cloud will build from the west through the day with rain, accompanied by strengthening winds, reaching most of Ireland and western fringes of Scotland and Wales by the early evening. Temperatures at 5 to 11C.