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UK Forecast - September 25, 2018
Warmer, humid south
Wet in W & NW Scotland

High pressure lies to the south. A dry, warm and quite humid day for the Midlands and south. Best sunshine toward the east. Cloudy in the west & north, with fronts trailing across Scotland. Wet most of the day for the West Highlands. Largely dry eastern Scotland. Patchy rain for Northern Ireland, also north-west England & Wales. A brisk southwesterly breeze for northern regions, gusty to the east of high ground. Lighter winds south. Highs 17 to 22C, but nearer 13C north-west.

Wednesday night
Most places will stay dry, with skies fairly clear for England, Wales and southern Ireland. Cloudier for Scotland & Northern Ireland. Rain will persist across the West Highlands. A gusty southwesterly wind for northern parts of Britain and Ireland. Lighter winds in the south, with a chance of fog patches forming in sheltered valleys. Temperatures dipping to 5 to 8C in rural parts of Wales & south-west England. 8 to 12C for many, perhaps milder in the north & east.

Much of England & Wales will stay dry and fairly warm with extensive sunshine and light winds. A weakening cold front slips southwards across northern regions. Rain will be heaviest for northern Scotland, but will become patchy as it reaches southern Scotland and Northern Ireland during the afternoon, and just small amounts for northern England by evening. Gusty winds for northern areas. Highs 18 to 22C Midlands & south; 13 to 16C north/west; just 10C northern Scotland.

High pressure will be centred to the west of the British Isles. Remnants of a front sinking south across England & Wales brings partly cloudy skies and a risk of patchy rain. A few showers for northern Scotland. Sunny spells breaking through for most places. Variable winds, an easterly breeze for the English Channel, westerly in Scotland. Temperatures cooler than midweek, highs 11 to 16C, but may nudge up to 20C in the far south.