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Weather is everywhere at any time. But under

WeatherOnline Meteorological Services now makes it possible for you to access weather information on demand any time and any place, providing a powerful tool for you to plan your work or leisure. All you need is a WAP mobile. WeatherOnline WAP has been specifically designed to provide you with the latest weather information, from a quick and brief overview, to detailed meteorological information, for every location you choose.

Navigation through WeatherOnline WAP Weather starts from the WAP-homepage with a menu card that offers several options:

Travel Weather
Gives you a selection of interesting places and a search engine helps you to find the weather at the location that you are intersted in.

World Weather
As the word says. Select from over 5000 stations worldwide. Menu and features are the same as in the WWW-application, including the search engine.

Gives you weather, water and wind conditions for about 40 sea areas around the British Isles and for roughly 250 areas worldwide.

Where's the Best Weather?
Whether you are looking for sunny weather or for the perfect snow conditions. This card leads you to the place that has the weather of your choice.

Talk to Us
E-mail us your questions or suggestions

Who we are, where we are and how to find us in the web.

There are even more features on the WeatherOnline WAP. For example, ski-conditions and snow depths (by mid-December), UV-indices, river levels, outdoor and hiking weather and a postcode-based search engine.