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-9°C -6°C -15°C -18°C
-5°C -3°C -14°C -15°C
overcast , snow overcast , snow cloudy , snow various clouds
cloudy , light snow overcast , snow various clouds , light snow various clouds
overcast , snow overcast , heavy snow various clouds , light snow various clouds
overcast , snow overcast , heavy snow various clouds  few clouds
Last updated: Fr, 01 Dec, 02:48 GMT
Forecast Štrbské Pleso Forecast Poprad Forecast Kasprowy Wierch Forecast Švábovce Forecast Zakopane Forecast Szczawnica Forecast Nová Ľubovňa Forecast Nowy Targ Forecast Levoča Forecast Spišská Nová Ves Forecast Telgárt Forecast Liesek Forecast Spišské Podhradie Forecast Rabka-Zdrój Forecast Spišské Vlachy Forecast Low Tatras Forecast Chopok Forecast Nowy Sącz Forecast Krompachy Forecast Revúca Forecast Nowy Sącz Forecast Krynica-Zdrój Forecast Brezno Forecast Tisovec Forecast Jelšava Forecast Rožňava Forecast Grybów Forecast Kojsovska Hola
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Lomnický štít Distance
Štrbské Pleso 13.4 km
Poprad 15.0 km
Kasprowy Wierch 17.4 km
Švábovce 19.9 km
Zakopane 21.3 km
Szczawnica 30.9 km
Nová Ľubovňa 31.6 km
Nowy Targ 33.0 km
Levoča 33.6 km
Spišská Nová Ves 38.4 km
Telgárt 39.0 km
Liesek 42.9 km
Spišské Podhradie 44.8 km
Rabka-Zdrój 48.1 km
Spišské Vlachy 50.9 km
Low Tatras 51.0 km
Chopok 51.0 km
Nowy Sącz 56.6 km
Krompachy 56.9 km
Revúca 58.0 km
Nowy Sącz 58.1 km
Krynica-Zdrój 60.3 km
Brezno 61.6 km
Tisovec 62.9 km
Jelšava 64.9 km
Rožňava 65.0 km
Grybów 69.6 km
Kojsovska Hola 72.7 km

Forecast: Lomnický štít Region

After a disappointing Saturday the sun will show itself in the two following days. But snow is expected on Saturday and Sunday. The daily high falls from -3 degrees on Saturday to -15 degrees on Monday. A fresh wind from the southwest.


Lomnický štít

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