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Ueno Weather

  Tu Aug 04 We Aug 05 Th Aug 06 Fr Aug 07
23°C 23°C 24°C 23°C
35°C 35°C 35°C 34°C
various clouds  various clouds  few clouds  various clouds
various clouds  various clouds  mostly sunny  various clouds
various clouds  various clouds  mostly sunny  various clouds
various clouds  few clouds  few clouds  various clouds
Last updated: Mo, 03 Aug, 22:19 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Ueno - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Ueno Distance
Nara 30.4 km
Kusatsu 31.8 km
Tsu 33.7 km
Uji 35.9 km
Suzuka 36.2 km
Higashiōmi 37.4 km
Matsusaka 40.3 km
Yokkaichi 43.7 km
Kashihara 44.8 km
Hirakata 45.9 km
Kyoto 47.1 km
Takatsuki 49.3 km
Ibaraki 53.5 km
Ise 54.0 km
Yao 54.3 km
Habikino 55.8 km
Hikone 56.4 km
Kuwana 58.0 km
Osaka 58.7 km
Tokoname 60.1 km
Tondabayashi 60.7 km
Minoh 62.7 km
Itami Airport 64.0 km
Kawachinagano 65.3 km
Ikeda 65.6 km
Kawanishi 67.3 km
Itami 68.6 km
Tōkai 73.9 km
Izumi 74.2 km

Forecast: Ueno Region

Scattered clouds and sunny spells; both will be present in the coming days. Especailly on Thursday the weather is fine. A raincoat is needless this day. With a high around 35 degrees, it's hot.