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Jerusalem Airport Weather

  Su Dec 16 Mo Dec 17 Tu Dec 18 We Dec 19
13°C 11°C 9°C 10°C
19°C 15°C 14°C 15°C
few clouds  clear  various clouds , light rain clear
various clouds  mostly sunny  cloudy , light rain mostly sunny
various clouds  mostly sunny  various clouds , light rain mostly sunny
few clouds  few clouds  few clouds  various clouds , light rain
Last updated: Sa, 15 Dec, 21:57 GMT
Forecast Jerusalem Forecast Beit Shemesh Forecast Lod Forecast Ramla Forecast Kafr Qasim Forecast Rehovot Forecast Petah Tikva Forecast Rishon LeZion Forecast Beit Dagan Forecast Bnei Brak Forecast Kfar HaRif Forecast Ramat Gan Forecast Tel Aviv Forecast Bat Yam Forecast Holon Forecast Ra'anana Forecast Machaerus Forecast Ashdod Forecast Netanya Forecast Ashkelon Forecast Hadera Forecast Kfar Ruppin Forecast Amman Forecast Al-Jizah Forecast Wadi Mujib Forecast Gaza Forecast Netivot
Nearby Forecast Locations - Jerusalem Airport - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Jerusalem Airport Distance
Jerusalem 11.1 km
Beit Shemesh 24.3 km
Lod 31.3 km
Ramla 33.9 km
Kafr Qasim 36.5 km
Rehovot 39.6 km
Petah Tikva 39.7 km
Rishon LeZion 40.9 km
Beit Dagan 42.1 km
Bnei Brak 43.5 km
Kfar HaRif 44.5 km
Ramat Gan 44.8 km
Tel Aviv 46.1 km
Bat Yam 47.1 km
Holon 47.1 km
Ra'anana 48.3 km
Machaerus 51.7 km
Ashdod 55.7 km
Netanya 60.9 km
Ashkelon 66.1 km
Hadera 71.5 km
Kfar Ruppin 72.1 km
Amman 73.6 km
Al-Jizah 74.4 km
Wadi Mujib 74.6 km
Gaza 79.2 km
Netivot 80.6 km

Forecast: Jerusalem Airport Region

Scattered clouds and sunny spells; both will be present in the coming days. Especailly on Monday the weather is fine. However,Tuesday some rain is to be expected. Daytime temperature reaches 16 degrees.


Jerusalem Airport

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