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Week ahead - August 03, 2017
Rain or showers early next week
Some improvement ahead

Issued: 1000hrs Thursday 3rd August 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Becoming drier in south; still mixed north & west

A changeable weather pattern continues over the weekend and into early next week, with bright spells mixed with rain at times. A spell of persistent rain is likely to affect parts of Britain into Monday. Toward midweek, showers should slowly fade as pressure builds from the south-west.

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Sunday 06/08/17
A ridge of high pressure influences much of Britain, bringing a fair day for many places, with sunshine best across the south & east. Fronts appraoching from the Atlantic bring thickening cloud to the west & north-west, and a threat of rain developing for Ireland, spreading to Scotland and areas near the Irish Sea later. Winds fairly light, but freshening south-westerlies in the west. Highs 18 to 23C, warmest south-east.

Monday 07/08/17
A shallow area of low pressure pushes across the country, and fronts are expected to become slow-moving. This brings a risk of persistent rain for many hours for central, western & northern England & Wales. Showery for Ireland & Scotland. Very little rain may reach the south-east, where some hazy sun is possible. Winds fairly light. Highs 16 to 22C, coolest where rain lingers.

Tuesday 08/08/17
A west to north-westerly pattern is likely, with a freshening breeze. Showers are expected, these forming into bands across central & eastern districts, giving locally frequent rain, with some heavy and thundery downpours possible. Becoming brighter for the west & south-west as pressure builds, with scattered showers and sunny spells. Highs 17 to 22C.

Wednesday 09/08/17
Pressure is likely to build from the south-west, allowing conditions to settle for many places. Good spells of sunshine, and feeling warmer. A few showers may break out inland across eastern England by afternoon, but these very hit and miss. A west or north-westerly breeze. Highs 18 to 23C.

Thursday 10/08/17
High pressure most likely extends across southern regions, giving a fair and warm day. A risk of fronts returning from the Atlantic toward the north-west of Britain & Ireland, bringing cloud and patchy rain. A west or south-westerly breeze. Highs 18 to 24C.

Friday 11/08/17
Confidence of detail is low. Fronts across the north & west may bring outbreaks of rain, whilst high pressure toward the south should keep central & southern Britain dry and bright. Warm in the south-east. Highs 17 to 25C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Fr, 04.08. various clouds, light rain 17° - 23° 90%
Sa, 05.08. various clouds, rain 16° - 23° 80%
Su, 06.08. various clouds, light rain 17° - 23° 70%
Mo, 07.08. cloudy, rain 15° - 22° 60%
Tu, 08.08. various clouds, rain 17° - 22° 60%
We, 09.08. various clouds, light rain 17° - 23° 60%
Th, 10.08. various clouds 17° - 24° 50%
Fr, 11.08. various clouds, light rain 17° - 25° 50%