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UK Forecast - June 10, 2017
Windy, showers north
Driest, warmest in south

Some early sunshine may be fund in the far south east, but overall it's expected to be a rather cloudy, windy day for much of Britain. Lots of blustery showers sweep in across Northern Ireland Scotland and Cumbria during the morning. The rest of England should be essentially dry apart from the odd spot of rain dying out in the south. In the afternoon Those showers persist in the north and some affect Wales. The showers will be heavy across Scotland. Expect maximums of 14 to 18 Celsius in the north and 17 to 21 Celsius in the south.

Sunday Night
It's going to stray very windy across Britain into the evening and the night. A number of showers will keep going across Northern Ireland, western Scotland and north western parts of England. Fair and dry across the remainder of Britain. Mostly cloudy then overnight with a scattering of showers across western Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern parts of England. Largely dry albeit cloudy in the south and across Wales. Expect minimum temperatures of 10 to 13 Celsius.

Not as warm today with temperatures slightly below normal and it will be staying very windy, especially in the north. Expect a good deal of cloud with the best of the sunshine across the south west of England. While the risk of showers can't be ruled out, most of these should be across northern and western parts of Britain. This evening the showers soon fade and the cloud melts away to give some evening sunshine to end the day. Outbreaks of rain are likely to spread in across Northern Ireland, western Scotland and north west England overnight. Expect highs of tops of 15 to 18 Celsius.

Spells of rain across Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland in the morning will turn more showery in the afternoon as it brightens up. Across Wales and central and southern England it will be dry through the day with a fair amount of cloud and occasional sunnier spells. A fine, dry evening and night across England and Wales. An area of rain to affect northern Scotland overnight. Expect highs of 17 to 21 Celsius.

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