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UK Forecast - June 04, 2017
Heavy rain spreading east
Very windy, gales developing

A deep area of low pressure developing near south west England will move up into central parts of England and will give a very unsettled and windy day. Outbreaks of moderate to heavy rain is to affect Scotland, northern England, western Scotland and south west England. A dry morning with sunny spells across The Midlands and eastern and southern parts of England. That rain area is expected to affect most parts of England and Scotland in the afternoon and looks quite heavy. Northern Ireland may escape and stay fair and dry. Very windy today, especially across the south with gales in the channel and along the channel coasts. Expect maximums of 13 to 19 Celsius.

Monday Night
Strong cyclonic winds prevail into the evening and the night with possible gusts to 45-50 mph across parts of England and Wales. The persistent, heavy rain is likely to linger across Scotland, England and Wales this evening but should clear Wales and south west England later this evening. Eastern and central parts of England and Scotland are likely to stay very wet through the night. Expect minimum temperatures of 9 to 12 Celsius.

Gales and heavy rain will affect eastern parts of England and Scotland. This only slowly clears away into the North Sea late in the day. As it does clear from the west, expect quite a few heavy, blustery showers. This evening the rain becomes confined to northern and eastern parts of Scotland. A mainly dry night to come across Britain apart from a few showers around western coasts. The winds will remain very strong with gales around North Sea coasts. A chilly day today with highs of tops of 12 to 16 Celsius.

While those strong winds in the east lessen, the increase again across the south west. Mostly cloudy in the morning with a few showers in the west. In the afternoon another pulse of moderate to heavy rain spills in across Wales, Northern Ireland and south west England. In the evening this sweeps north east into much of Britain and while it lingers in many areas overnight, it may turn lighter and more patchy. The winds remain strong from the south west. Expect highs of 13 to 19 Celsius.