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UK Forecast - May 31, 2017
Dry for many Thursday
Warm, feeling humid

A fair day with plenty of sunshine for central, south & eastern England. A front moving in will thicken cloud in the west. Rain across Scotland will move slowly south & east, most persistent in western areas. A zone of rain affects Ireland much of the day, clearing slowly from the west. A southerly breeze in the north & west, but winds light elsewhere. Quite humid, 15 to 18C north & west, 23C Midlands, up to 25C south-east.

Thursday night
Rain will encroach further onto Irish Sea coasts of England & Wales overnight, perhaps also reaching Cornwall, but will clear from Ireland. Rain may persist for parts of Scotland, particularly in the west. Central & south-eastern Britain should stay dry, with some clear spells in the east, but mostly cloudy in the west. Winds mostly very light. Generally mild, lowest temperatures 10 to 13C.

A slack pressure regime across the country, whilst a front pushes in from the west. Warm and humid air for the south & south-east, but fresher toward the north & west. A lot of cloud overall, and outbreaks of rain, most persistent for western areas, edging east through the day, but amounts small for central parts. Some thundery bursts may develop in the south-east later. Light winds. Temepratures 16 to 19C north, 22 to 25C south.

A chance that areas of rain and possible thunder affect the south-east at first, but should clear as pressure builds from the west. A dry and bright start for many with sunny spells and a fresh feel. Showers will increasingly develop across Scotland and Ireland, and a few scattered showers may break out elsewhere by afternoon. South-westerly winds tending to freshen. Highs 16 to 22C, warmest south-east.