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UK Forecast - June 06, 2017
Better Wednesday
Rain soon returns

A brighter day for many thanks to a brief ridge of high pressure. Low pressure over the North Sea brings showery rain to the north-east early morning, becoming confined to Scotland, then fading, and strong to gale force winds will ease. Sunny spells, but turning hazy in the west as high cloud thickens. Rain develops across Ireland, and by late afternoon rain or drizzle develops for Wales & south-west England. Highs 14 to 19C.

Wednesday night
Freshening south-westerly winds as the next frontal system moves in from the Atlantic. Rain turns persistent and heavy across Wales, whilst outbreaks of rain extend to the Midlands & south-west England. Mostly just patches of drizzle for central-southern counties & the south-east. Rain encroaches into northern England. Much of Scotland stays dry and clear overnight, and cool at 5 to 7C, or colder some glens. Lows 9 to 13C for many.

Low pressure lies to the west. Fronts pass north-eastwards bringing persistent rain to the west & north, heaviest over the hills. Bursts of heavy rain will move east across southern Britain in the afternoon, evening and into the night, locally thundery. Clusters of heavy showers for Ireland. Drier toward northern Scotland. Limited sunshine. Blustery south-westerly winds. Temperatures 15 to 21C, warmest south-east; cooler in rain.

Low pressure lies to the west, pushing a warm front into Ireland and later western Britain, where rain will set in during the afternoon and evening. Ahead of this, much of Britain sees a bright day with spells of sunshine. Risk of residual showers across eastern regions from a previous frontal system which will clear into the North Sea. A south to south-westerly breeze, freshening in the west. Highs 16 to 20C, warmest east.