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Beijing Weather

  Su Jun 24 Mo Jun 25 Tu Jun 26 We Jun 27
25°C 26°C 23°C 24°C
36°C 36°C 36°C 36°C
cloudy  cloudy  overcast , heavy rain few clouds
various clouds  cloudy  various clouds , light rain mostly sunny
cloudy  cloudy  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
overcast  overcast , heavy rain various clouds  various clouds
Last updated: Su, 24 Jun, 01:50 BST
Forecast Haidian Forecast Fengtai/Beij. Forecast Shijingshan Forecast Mentougou Forecast Chaoyang/Beij. Forecast Daxing Forecast Beijing Capital Intl. Airport Forecast Tongzhou Forecast Changping Forecast Fangshan Forecast Shunyi Forecast Zhaitang Forecast Xiayunling Forecast Huairou Forecast Badaling Forecast Guan Forecast Zhuozhou Forecast Langfang Forecast Dachang Forecast Xianghe Forecast Yanqing Forecast Sanhe Forecast Miyun Forecast Gaobeidian Forecast Laishui Forecast Huailai Forecast Yi
Nearby Forecast Locations - Beijing - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Beijing Distance
Haidian 5.6 km
Fengtai/Beij. 7.9 km
Shijingshan 8.5 km
Mentougou 14.3 km
Chaoyang/Beij. 17.2 km
Daxing 20.9 km
Beijing Capital Intl. Airport 29.6 km
Tongzhou 29.9 km
Changping 32.0 km
Fangshan 35.5 km
Shunyi 36.1 km
Zhaitang 51.3 km
Xiayunling 52.0 km
Huairou 52.0 km
Badaling 52.3 km
Guan 55.7 km
Zhuozhou 57.0 km
Langfang 60.0 km
Dachang 60.0 km
Xianghe 62.6 km
Yanqing 63.5 km
Sanhe 68.4 km
Miyun 70.5 km
Gaobeidian 76.4 km
Laishui 79.0 km
Huailai 84.5 km
Yi 93.4 km

Forecast: Beijing Region

While the weather onMonday and Wednesday is clear on Tuesday it will be considerable cloudiness. Rain is not expected this day. The daily high falls from 36 degrees on Tuesday to 0 degrees on Wednesday.