UK Forecast- October 19, 2014

Showers west, cooler

Gales and wet tonight

/reports/2014/10/19/foc_0.gif Monday
Still quite a breezy day across the country today and turning very windy later this afternoon across Northern Ireland. Occasional showers will be affecting western parts of Scotland and England along with Wales. Most central and eastern areas should be chiefly dry with the best of the sunshine. A cooler day today with maximum temperatures of 12 to 15 Celsius.

/reports/2014/10/19/foc_1.gif Monday Night
Gales develop across Northern Ireland and into the Irish Sea with gusts to 60mph around exposed coasts. Overnight these gales along with outbreaks of rain sweep in across much of the country as an area of rain. The rain looks heaviest across Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and Wales. Expect lows of 6 to 10 Celsius.

/reports/2014/10/19/foc_2.gif Tuesday
Very windy today, more so across Scotland and northern England with gales. Any rain sweeps away and is replaced by sunny spells and blustery showers, some heavy. In the afternoon most of the showers are expected across Scotland and northern parts of England with the south and Wales mainly dry and sunny. The strong winds persist into the evening and the night with much of the country dry with clear spells but rain comes in across Northern Ireland before morning. Maximum temperatures of 7 to 12 Celsius.

/reports/2014/10/19/foc_3.gif Wednesday
It continues rather windy today and cloudy with sporadic outbreaks of rain and drizzle, much of this light with the far south staying dry. The rain looks heavier across northern Scotland. It stays cloudy into the evening and night with light rain across the western half of Britain and the east mainly dry. Maximum temperatures of 11 to 14 Celsius.


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