UK Forecast- September 19, 2014

Cooler, sunnier north

Showers in south

/reports/2014/09/19/foc_0.gif Saturday
Cooler conditions to come across Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland while the south remains warmer and humid. It will also brighten up with the best of the sunshine across northern areas today. For Wales along. Most parts of England, it will be a misty, murky morning with a few heavy, possibly thundery showers developing. These most likely to affect East Anglia, and perhaps the southwest of England. Some patchy rain may also affect northern England in the morning. Expect maximum temperatures of 14 to 22 Celsius.

/reports/2014/09/19/foc_1.gif Saturday Night
Any showers tend to fade away through this evening. Most parts of the country will have a dry night with clear spells and occasional cloud although the odd shower may be found across north eastern parts of England. Still mild in the south, cool in the north with minimum temperatures of 7 to 11 Celsius.

/reports/2014/09/19/foc_2.gif Sunday
A fresher day to come across the country and we can expect lots of fine, dry weather to come across most parts of the United Kingdom. A keen northeasterly breeze will make it feel chilly near North Sea coasts and this could just bring the odd shower to East Anglia and north eastern parts of England. Fine and dry the course of this evening and tonight with a risk of a frost in the north. Maximum temperatures of 14 to 19 Celsius.

/reports/2014/09/19/foc_3.gif Monday
Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will spread in across north western parts of Scotland in the afternoon. For the bulk of the United Kingdom though, high pressure will give all parts. A fine, dry day with good spells of sunshine after some early morning fog patches disperse. Scotland and Northern Ireland may see some light outbreaks of rain in the evening and night while England and Wales remains dry with fog patches re-developing by morning. Maximum temperatures of 16 to 19 Celsius.


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