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UK Forecast- August 25, 2016

Sunshine for many Friday

Risk local thundery rain this weekend

/reports/2016/08/25/foc_0.gif Friday
Dry and bright for most areas. Plenty of sunshine for England & Wales, some high-level cloud. Showers for Scotland, mostly Highland areas, may give persistent rain for a time in the morning, but should fade through the day. Passing light showers in Northern Ireland. A fresh south-westerly breeze affects northern Britain. Light winds and coastal sea breezes in the south. Highs 21 to 25C central & southern areas, 16 to 19C in north & west.

/reports/2016/08/25/foc_1.gif Friday night
Most places will remain dry into the night. Risk of rain developing over the English Channel, possibly heavy and thundery - although much uncertainty about the extent of this rain - advancing slowly northward toward the south coast through the night, where the breeze may also freshen. Generally light winds elsewhere. Local mist patches may form inland. Temperatures 10 to 14C, but may dip to 7C or below under clearer skies in the north.

/reports/2016/08/25/foc_2.gif Saturday
Low confidence of precise detail. Slack pressure. Areas of slow-moving thundery rain are possible for central-southern Britain, but much uncertainty about its northward extent. However, northern-central England, Scotland & Northern Ireland are most likely to stay dry all day. Hazy sun, best in the far north, but generally a lot of high-level cloud. Light winds, mainly easterly in the south. Temperatures 19 to 24C, perhaps warmer south.

/reports/2016/08/25/foc_3.gif Sunday
Detail is uncertain as the pressure pattern remains slack across the British Isles. Risk slow-moving areas of rain, possibly heavy and thundery. Rather hazy, and quite murky during or after rain. However, many places may well escape dry all day, with variable cloud and occasional sunshine. Light winds. Temperatures ranging from 18 to 22C in the north, 23 to 25C in the south.


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